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Living in Fountain City, Indiana

Fountain City is located in the northeastern portion of Wayne County, Indiana. This town presents a captivating appeal to all who reside there and come to visit. The history, antiques and Amish living capture the interest of many.

Fountain City is home to the Levi Coffin House, a registered National Historic Landmark, which housed the ‘president’ of the Underground Railroad. Levi and Catherine Coffin helped more than 2,000 slaves flee during the pre-Civil War days. The History Channel named this landmark one of the top 25 historic sites in the nation!

Levi Coffin Days is an annual festival celebrating the history that Fountain City has to offer. There are many activities to bring the community together and welcome people from the surrounding areas. It begins with a parade featuring local police, fire, school children and more. The community joins together to hold a town-wide event with great food and entertainment. It is held on the 3rd weekend each September.

Fountain City is also home to Fountain Acre Foods, an Amish store. People travel from all around in anticipation of Amish baked goods, spices, specialty candy, bulk goods, fresh produce, deli items and furniture.

In the farthest northeastern area of Fountain City, is the highest point in Indiana known as “Hoosier Hill”. The elevation of this area is 1,257 feet above sea level; however, it would be difficult to recognize this as the climb is nothing more than a simple stroll up a small mound.

Fountain City Realtors

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For more information about Fountain City Indiana or its surrounding areas, please contact a Lingle Real Estate Realtor.



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