In 1814 Centerville, Indiana was settled by Quakers from Carolina and Virginia on land that once belonged to the Miami Indians.  Centerville was named the county seat of Wayne County, Indiana in 1818 and remained so until it was moved to Richmond in 1873.  The original log courthouse that resides in Centerville is the only one still standing in the old Northwest Territory today.

Living in Centerville, Indiana

Centerville, Indiana is an amazing 200-year-old community known for its architecture, its unique archways and its accommodations that have left the lights on for those who traveled along the National Road from wagon trains, to Model Ts to station wagons. 

Today, Centerville is associated with antique stores, outstanding academics and with the hugely popular Warm Glow Candle Outlet, which is an example of the area’s pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. Warm Glow brings Centerville’s light-the-way community approach full circle. Its outlet store stands as a welcoming beacon off Exit 145 on Interstate 70.

Centerville, Indiana beckons just south, a short drive past old homestead farms, new subdivisions and the expansive Webb’s Antique Mall. Many other antique stores, shopping places and watering holes line Old National Road, which is also known as U.S. 40.

The real estate market is strong here because Centerville is a premier place to live, making it the one of the best areas to buy a home in Wayne County, in Indiana and the Midwest. People live here and make an easy commute to Indianapolis and Dayton, both just an hour away along I-70. Cincinnati is also about an hour away along state highways.

Centerville, Indiana Education System

The Centerville School District exudes small-town excellence with high achievements in academics and athletics. Hundreds of families have stayed here for generations.

Activities in Centerville, Indiana

Centerville features a rehabilitation-senior center that is acclaimed across the state for its range of services.

The nearby Cope Environmental Center offers walking trails and great outdoor activities for all ages.

Newcomers are welcome to Centerville Indiana, just as travelers have always been welcomed. Prices are moderate here. You can buy a historic home, a modern home or a mansion. Let Lingle Real Estate's Realtors help you find the perfect home for sale in Centerville Indiana.

The Centerville Community

Come feel the community and its history with a stay in the Mansion House, Lantz House, and Oliver P. Morton’s House. Morton was the much-admired governor of Indiana during the Civil War and later a U.S. senator. Centerville, Indiana celebrates its history of archways with the community festival Archway Days in the fourth week of August each year. The archways came into being as Centerville grew as it served as the Wayne County seat from 1818 to 1873. The five existing Archways; Backenstoes, Dill, Shortridge, Lantz, and Malone; are unusual in the interior of the United States. Buildings with common walls were constructed in front of the city’s original buildings and were accessed through archways.

The county seat moved to Richmond, Indiana but the original log courthouse still stands and is the only one still remaining from the Old Northwest Territory. Many who live in Centerville Indiana visit Richmond often for shopping, for medical care and a variety of other reasons. The city of 37,000 boasts brand-new Reid Hospital and four institutions of higher learning that combine for enrollments of more than 10,000: Earlham College, Indiana University East, Purdue College of Technology and Ivy Tech. Retail attractions include Best Buy, TJ Maxx and Olive Garden establishments plus a mix of national chains that includes Lowe’s, Red Lobster, Kroger’s, Dillard’s, Elder-Beerman, and Applebee’s. The whole area is benefiting from the growing Depot District, an area of eclectic stores and restaurants that is drawing visitors from around the region.


Centerville, Indiana's Real Estate Experts

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