Living in Wayne County, Indiana

Wayne County is a perfect place to match your real estate dreams with reality. And Coldwell Banker Lingle is the perfect matchmaker. Let our highly trained real estate professionals guide you in finding the perfect home anywhere from the county’s biggest city, Richmond, to distinct communities like Cambridge City, Centerville, Hagerstown and Fountain City.

Each town features unique qualities and histories that compare favorably with anywhere else in the country.

Let’s look at some of the positive features:

  • *Affordable homes, caring residents and inexpensive utilities. Wayne County has them.
  • *Acclaimed museums, parks and outdoor trails for hiking and biking. Wayne County has them.
  • *Top-notch education and health care, including four colleges, a brand new hospital and the only high school anywhere that’s attached to an art museum. Wayne County has them.
  • *A history of industry, innovation and famous inventors. Wayne County has them.
  • *Popular national stores and restaurants mixed with unique local shops, candy stores and eateries. Wayne County has them all.

Wayne County has long stood as a welcoming spot at the crossroads of America, first with historic Old National Road, which became U.S. 40. Millions of visitors have stopped in Richmond, Centerville and Cambridge City as they traversed the Old National Road from the East Coast to St. Louis. They’ve come for two centuries in eras that ranged from family-filled wagon trains to station wagons. The addition of Interstate 70 made Wayne County another popular stopping point for those seeking lodging, dining and shopping. More people are finding reasons today to stop in Wayne County – and to stay.

Things to Do in Wayne County, Indiana

Hayes Arboretum, the Rose Garden in Glen Miller Park and the Cope Environmental Center are easily found off U.S. 40. Dozens and dozens of antique stores and chocolate stores beckon. Museums pay homage to our rich heritage in music, in movies and in murals. A famed railroad depot is being restored and is the centerpiece of a regional draw for its stores, restaurants and festivals. Wayne County is famous for its candies, its candles and for innovators like NFL coach Weeb Ewbank and aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright, both alumni of Richmond High School. Wayne County is famous for record-making and the inventions of the modern lawn mower and the gyroscope, which helped decide World War II.

Wayne County is famous for its Quaker heritage and for Fountain City’s Levi Coffin House, a final freedom point in the Underground Railroad. We’re known for great local restaurants and being a regional retail attraction, too. The indoor Richmond Mall, built in the 1960s, was the first of its kind for a small market in the U.S. Few towns the size of Richmond can boast having a mix of national chains that includes a Lowe’s, a Red Lobster, a Menard’s, a Kroger’s, a Dillard’s, an Elder-Beerman, an Applebee’s, an Aeropostale and a Kohl’s. Wayne County is a desirable place to live for all of those reasons.

It’s also desirable because of its proximity to major cities. Indianapolis and Dayton are both just an hour away along I-70. Cincinnati also is an hour away along interstates or good state highways. There simply are few places that can compare with Wayne County, Indiana, as a place to call home. You can buy a historic home, a modern home or a farmhouse here. You can live on city streets or in a tree-lined hideaway. Look to Coldwell Banker and our highly trained Realtors to help you find the perfect home in Wayne County. They understand the current market, as well as the nuances of the past, the present and the future.





Wayne County, Indiana's Real Estate Leader

Coldwell Banker Lingle is the industry leader thanks to its strong history of service and training. Any of our real estate professionals can help you maneuver through the maze of home styles, locations and price ranges, whether buying or selling. Our highly trained staff prides itself on being the established leader in home buying and selling in Wayne County. It’s been that way for more than 50 years, first under the leadership of founder Bill Lingle. Lingle Real Estate had five agents when Paul Lingle purchased the company in 1979. Coldwell Banker Lingle now has 30+ real estate professionals including a support staff of 7. That growth reflects Coldwell Banker Lingle’s use of proven marketing tools along with continuous Realtor training to sell more homes (by far) than any other Realtor in Wayne County.

But, we offer a lot more than expertise for the real estate market. Coldwell Banker Lingle’s Realtors know real estate values and can provide valuable help. We have strong values, too. We value honesty, hard work and community spirit. We pride ourselves in knowing our communities and being a leader in all of them. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a home in Wayne County, let the professionals at Coldwell Banker Lingle help guide you through the process.

For more information about Wayne County, Indiana or its surrounding areas, please contact a Coldwell Banker Lingle Realtor today!



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